Standing Left to Right
(1)John Blair (Coach) - (2)Gene Englehardt, L forward "A" - (3)Kenneth Hargrove, R forward guard "A" - (4)Jewel Walton, L guard "A" - (5)Theodore Meyer , R guard "A" - (6)T. G. Campbell, center "B", substitute "A" - (7)Dalton Moffitt, L forward, substiture "A" - (8)Jessie Maddux, L guard "B" (9)Ralph Mitchell

Kneeling Left to Right
(1)James Lee, R guard "B" - (2)Hulin black, R forward "B" - (3)L. McGhee, R guard "B" - (4)Garland Whitlow, center "A" Captain "A" - (5)R. Thorpe, R forward "B" - (6)Bobby Hughlett, center L forward "B" - (7)R. J. Brockman, R forward "B"

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