Qulin Day "HAPPY BIRTHDAY 100 YEARS" parade 2004 photos

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All animals on the above float were live except one. Electornic modifications are 1.)The wire cage surrounding the coon was removed and 2.)the dog on the tree was added electronically for visual effects in this image; by Mary Hudson, photographer

  1. Aubry Christie
  2. Birthday Cake
  3. Birthday Cake
  4. Out Reach Revival
  5. Out Reach Revival -2
  6. Happy 100 Qulin and Sister Anna
  7. Happy 100 Qulin 2
  8. Qulin Nutrition Center
  9. Qulin Nutrition Center
  10. Qulin Nutrition Center
  11. Qulin Nutrition Centers
  12. Float
  13. Church Float
  14. Truck Made in USA
  15. Work Truck
  16. Hunters Float
  17. Larry Potter
    Son of Boy and Wilma Wynn, Potter
  18. June DeGeare - Cindy DeGeare
    June oldest child of Pat Ledbetter
  19. June DeGeare - Charles McClure
  20. Charles Mcclure,
    Anna Lou Hefner-Lott,Jimmy Brent
    Anna Lou and Jimmy
    are children of Alta Brent Anna Lou,
    widow of George Lott
  21. Becki Garver
    daugher of Gary Garver
  22. Qulin Post Office
  23. Gentzen School
  24. Gentzen School Seats
  25. Gentzen School Old Bank Window Inside Gentzen School
  26. Gentzen School Qulin books FOR SALE
  27. Gentzen School Inside
  28. Gentzen School Junental Ledbetter DeGeare
    Buying Qulin Day Stamps
  29. Qulin City Limits
  30. Welcome to Qulin Sign
  31. Qulin Day Crowd
  32. Old Water Tower
  33. New Water Tower

Alumni Reunion Photos 2004

  1. Lolene Lancaster - Gibbs
    Widow of Chill Lancaster
  2. Betty Jackson and C. McClure
  3. Wanda Stevens
  4. Charles Wright
  5. JD Klem and Pat McClure
    Widow of Claudie McClure
  6. Jean Wright and HB Neil
  7. Jim and Elanor Westbrook
  8. Jamie Mcclure, Betty Pounds - Watson,
    Wanda Stevens, Charles McClure
  9. Jeane Wright, Charles McClure,
    Wanda Wright,Tracy Wood

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Qulin Days 2000

Twin Rivers Marching Royals
By: Leroy Anderson
Parade " Bradleys Foods" Entry
By: Mary Hudson
Parade " Shrine Club" Entry
By: Mary Hudson
Parade " Childrens Train" Entry
By: Mary Hudson
Parade "Enclosed Wagon" Entry
By: Mary Hudson
Parade "Buggey and Horses" Entry
By: Mary Hudson
Parade " Ex-Prisoners of War" Entry
By: Mary Hudson
Parade " Little Car" Entry
By: Mary Hudson
Parade " Restored Automobile" Entry
By: Mary Hudson

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Alumni Reunion Photos 2003

Alumni Reunion Photos 2002

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