Tidbits of Qulin news and Old Newspaper Articles

Ralph Hargrove - Voted for 18 Presidents - newspaper / date unknown Charles McClure
HEE HAW 2007- Qulin School Charles McClure
1909 - Ed Cook of Melville Killed John Jones--- of Harper's Ferry in Affray at Melville This Afternoon em jane
1921 - Two are Held for Death of Broseley Man
Glenn Hembree and Stokeley Jacobs, Qulin men are confined to the county jail
em jane
March 6th 1928 - County Posse Chase Qulin Bank Robbers Adruian Cato
January 8, 1934 -Melvin Floyd Shot To Death By Roy Childs
Irate Qulin Man Kills Neighbor and Attempts to Slay 2 Others
Charles McClure
1939 - Qulin Man Held in Assult Case -- Justice of the Peace, R. L. Ledbetter Mary Hudson
May 1943 - George Burgess died on 1 May 1943 as a result of a fight with Clarence Carver at Dusch's Pool Hall in Qulin.
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Marie Miley-Russell
May 1943 - Farmer dies after Pool Hall Fight Clarence Garver Jailed Following Death Charles McClure
1962 - Two Facing Charges in Liquor Case charged with burglary and larceny of the McClure liquor store Charles McClure
Fatal Crashes near Poplar Bluff leaves three persons dead
Charles McClure
Jimmy Jones by David Baker A man of character
Fire Burns Bradley Foods in Qulin Newspaper article --- Continued Newspaper article --- Photograph of Fire
Lisa Barnett Drowning in St. Francis River
Birdsong - Hill Wedding
Barks - Gibbs Engagement
Flowers - Maddock Engagement
Winds in 2008 January
Floods 2008 March

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