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This 1934 picture - Marvin "Crip" McClure  on  the  right,  
(with glasses) - inside his tavern located in 
Qulin, Butler County, Missouri Uncle Raymond Crane pictured on the left

Many of the Ol' Timers will recognize some of the items of yesteryear on the shelves such as Cooks, Budweiser, Falstaff and Griededieck Brother's Beer. Some of the different brands of cigarettes include Twenty Grand, Avalon, Domino, Marvels, Wings, Sensation and others. Candies displayed in the showcase are Payday, Cocanut Cream, Dip, the large Klein (?), Chocolate bar and the Three Musketeer. The Three Musketeer contained a small chocolate, vanilla and strawberry bar covered with chocolate in a common Wrapper.

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(c) Taken from: "My Memories," written to my children, nieces & nephews. Charles McClure in Owasso, Oklahoma
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