Qulin Missouri School Memories and Photos

"Those Golden Rule Days"
The following snap shots were taken with my old 127 camera during the 1948/49 school year. The film was processed by FOJO Studios in DeSoto, Missouri. Almost everyone at home mailed their film there to be developed in the forties. The prints for these photos were 1 3/8 by 2 1/4 inches. Most of the photos and information pertains to School activities.
Charles Lee McClure -- Class of 1949
  1. Beginning of Qulin School / Granny McKay
  2. School Bus -- Photo
  3. SoftBall at School -- Photo
  4. Portable Gym in 1940's -- Photo
  5. 1945 Basketball Champs -- Photo
  6. Senior Fun Day -- Photo
  7. Teens in the late 1940's -- Photo
  8. Betty's Air String Quartet -- Photo
  9. Earls Pearls -- Photo
  10. Kathaleen Dennison - Mary Sue Webb - Mary Coble -- Photo
  11. The Privy -- Photo
  12. Zindel and Girls, Girls -- Photo
  13. Fun on a Float Trip -- Photo
  14. Junior Hollowell -- Photo
  15. A Piece Of The Rock -- Photo
  16. The TEAM -- Photo
  17. Good Looking Yes we were -- Photo
  18. Corvette Club -- Photo
  19. If it would run, we would ride it -- Photo
  20. Picking Cherries in Michigan -- Photo

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